How to Eat a Kumquat?

Answer A kumquat is like a tiny orange. Kumquats grow on trees and are sometimes very bitter when not ripe. These tiny fruits are popular in marmalades,salads, or by itself. With some time and wit you wil... Read More »

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How big does a kumquat tree get?

The slow-growing kumquat grows up to 15 feet tall. In the U.S., people grow kumquat trees, native to China, mainly as ornamental trees or in containers on patios in warm areas such as California, ... Read More »

How to Prune a Kumquat Tree?

Kumquats are gold, oblong fruits that can be eaten rind and all. Best when fully ripe, they are a tart treat right off the tree, sliced into salads, or eaten as candied fruit. Kumquat trees are qui... Read More »

Where can you grow a kumquat tree?

There are five species of kumquat, small fruit-bearing trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella. Native to East Asia--probably originating in China--kumquats are grown in various countries, includin... Read More »

Is a kumquat a fruit or vegetable?

According to Mary King of the University of Florida Family and Consumer Sciences, a kumquat is a citrus fruit that is grown in South Florida. It was introduced to the U.S. at around 1850 and consis... Read More »