How do you drill a hole in a ceramic pot?

Answer Soak the pot in water for several hours. and use a masonery drill bit.Don't press the drill bit in to hard or you will crack the pot..

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I need to drill a hole in a water-melon, should I use a manual drill or electric (health & safety)?

My first reaction is WHY?After that, the DRILL is not the issue. I would recommend a NEW bit, fresh out of the package, and flame sterilized. Even then, I am not eating that watermelon.

How to Drill a Hole in a Mirror With a Glass Drill Bit?

A mirror is made from glass with a reflective coating applied to the back. Use the same techniques for drilling a mirror as with drilling glass, but take care not to overheat the mirror or cause an... Read More »

What type of drill bit can be used to drill a hole in glass?

Geoff is right, a diamond hole saw is the only way to go. I've used them to cut holes in glass block. They must be kept wet. You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 - $100 depending on the diame... Read More »

How to Drill a Hole in an Emerald Gem?

Emeralds, like other precious gems such as opals and sapphires, are obvious choices for creating pendants, earrings and other jewelry pieces because of the inherent beauty of each stone. To mount a... Read More »