How do you drain excessive rain water from an inground gunite pool?

Answer I have found that hooking up a sump pump to the vacuum hose itself not only drains it but it does so pretty quickly. We do this every spring. You may just need to keep an occasional eye on any leav... Read More »

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Are there any problems with using captured rainwater to keep the water level up on your inground gunite pool?

Answer just one i know of...acid rain. make sure you test and keep your water balanced and you'll be fine Hmm, have you looked into a barrel of rainwater lately? It was probably green. Rain water ... Read More »

How do I drain water from an inground pool?

PreparationWait until the weather is cooler than 80 degrees Farenheit to drain your pool. High temperatures may crack the plaster or other surface of your pool, so it is best to wait until temperat... Read More »

How do you drain an inground swimming pool?

Draining an inground pool Firstly, you satisfy yourself that it is safe to drain your pool. If ground-water is present, in-ground pools can transform themselves into 'boats' when empty and 'float' ... Read More »

How do I drain an inground swimming pool?

Look for the Hydrostatic Valve or PlugOpen the hydrostatic valve that is located at the floor drain. Instead of the valve, if there is a plug, remove it.Drain the PoolAttach the hose to the sump pu... Read More »