How do you download paid android apps for free?

Answer Every company releases a free version of their app but usually famous games doesnt provide their addictive features in free version. There is no place where you can buy paid apps for free but yeah ... Read More »

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How do get free paid apps on rooted android?

Do a search for blackmarket.apk. Download this file and install it to your device. You will find many apps here.

Is rooting an android device allow you to download apps for free?

You don't need to root to get free apps but you shouldn't illegally download paid-for apps, it's not like you need to there are plenty of free ad-supported apps out there. If you don't want to pay ... Read More »

Can you get paid for giving ideas to create apps for Windows or Mac or IOs or Android or anything else?

What an inane idea. Tell me , if you were making an app, would you want to make someone elses idea, and pay them for the idea too? Thought so. There's tons of ideas all across the web, realizing sa... Read More »

How do you persuade your parents to let you download paid apps?

Do to following steps EXACTLY:1) Walk up to your mom/dad.2) Say, "Hi there, you are awesome and special and I love you more than is normal"3) They will say, "I'm glad you are my son/daughter. You a... Read More »