How do you download music to my iphone?

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How to Download Music on an Unlocked iPhone?

Most iPhone owners use their phones for most of the time they own them as unlocked iPhones. You can unlock your phone right after purchase through the AT&T provider and use the phone in its normal ... Read More »

How can I download music, and watch YouTube on an Academy Bus on an iPhone 4?

You have phone service right? You didn't steal it? Okayy. Haha just kdding around with you. Just hit the YouTube app to watch youtube and hit the iTunes app to download music. Simple.

Whats a good website i can use to download music from my iphone?

Just download it on computer and move to iPhone

Can the apple iPhone download music without telephone service?

If you mean,' Do iPhone 3GS's have Verizon service?' No, not anymore, as of 17/10/2011 you can only get the iPhone 3GS on AT&T!