How do you download music onto LG phones?

Answer All you have to do is make sure you have a USBC cord for your phone (what you use to plug into the computer) then plug it into the computer fter that go to my music on your phone and hit sync. It ... Read More »

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How do you take music from LimeWire and put it directly onto an ipod or mp3 player without having to download some other program or do you have to download something answers please?

All I use is iTunes and Limewire.I just download the music on limewire and drap and drop it into iTunes then sync my ipod.Hope I helped :D

How to Download Music Onto a Garmin 660?

The Garmin nüvi 660 series GPS device supports the MP3 audio file format. This common file type is used almost universally by personal digital audio devices, so if you happen to own one, you'll be... Read More »

How do I download music onto an mp3 player?

MP3 players do not require much technical experience for usage. They are user-friendly and appeal to even the most inexperienced computer user. Downloading music onto an MP3 player is simply a proc... Read More »

How to Download Music Onto a Slick MP3 Player?

You can get your MP3 files onto a Slick MP3 player in just a few simple steps. It may be easier than you think.