How do you download music on a 8gb ipod?

Answer download itunes and set up an itunes account to buy your songs for 99 cents each

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How do you download youtube music to your iPod or iPad music library from? < That site takes the video from Youtube and converts it into mp3. Then you can put it in iTunes and transfer them into your iDevice :)

How can I download YouTube Music ( the living tombstone) to my iPod music?

download realplayer 100% legal.when ever u go to a youtube vid it will pop up saying download this video and you can convert it to windows media player and synchronize it to your ipod. hope this he... Read More »

Can you download music onto an iPod Nano using Windows XP without iPod software?

You need to have itunes installed. If you do not have the install disk you can download it from You can also make it a Linux device and would no longer need itunes, but you will not be ab... Read More »

Can i buy an ipod with music on it, then download my own music too?

iPods don't come loaded with music unless you buy someone else's. You load your music through iTunes or an alternative to iTunes. I already had 40,000+ MP3 titles in my collection, so I just use ... Read More »