How do you download most recent version of java to ipad2?

Answer If your chatting with another iPad, IPod or iPhone user that has a camera on that device you can use FaceTime for this. Other apps to use are Skype and Tango if you want to chat with someone that i... Read More »

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How do you download most current updates for ipad2?

The same way for any other apple device. Make sure itunes is installed on your computer which it should be as it is required to set up the Ipad in the first place if you don't have itunes you can d... Read More »

Are you experiencing any new/recent difficulties with Yahoo Q&A involving JAVA (using IE 6-SP1 on Windows XP)?

I just confirmed that it's Yahoo and not my security setting, baby!Am sure we did not change anything but just went over the settings and all that, but when I opened my YQA just now, everything is ... Read More »

Utorrent 3.3, currently the recent version, will not seed. Help!?

This could be because the internet companies and government don't want you sharing illegally obtained files.. IF you want to download and seed files, I suggest you try out a free trial at cloudload... Read More »

What was the most recent gagdet you got for yourself that you love most?

Hey hey hey! My camera and hmmm...MY IPOD! You knew that! HAHA!♥maddie