How do you download iPhone to limewire?

Answer How do you download iPhone to limewire?

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How do you download songs from Limewire to your iPhone?

Answer Macintosh 1) Open Limewire2) Go to 'Limewire' in the taskbar at the top (By the apple logo)3) Choose Preferences4) Go to iTunes on the left5) Enable iTunes importing :) Windows (Should swit... Read More »

How do you download Limewire on a jailbroken iPhone?

After you download songs from limewire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

Answer yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!

When you use limewire, where does limewire save the music you download and how can you get to it ?

It saves it in the library in saved files.