How do you download a photo/video from Sony Experia x10 to your comp?

Answer When you plug your phone in you should get the option on the phone for what type of connection you want. use file transfer, if your phone is still not being picked up then try another USB port or a... Read More »

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How is sony experia J?

For a phone, it is OK... I prefer the Nokia Lumia 920.

How to check Sony experia E is used or New.?

hi.By saying reset,i suppose you mean factory reset.Now if somebody has done factory reset,it is just like bringing the rom in its original form with system its like the same as brand n... Read More »

Is the Sony ericsson experia play an android phone?

Does anyone know how to download wikipedia on my comp?

As of October, 2006, the English Wikipedia clocked in at around 4.4 GB. I'm assuming that doesn't include images or other media.I'm pretty sure you can't download it, and even if you could, why wou... Read More »