How do you download a free map app to HTC desire HD?

Answer because touchscreens are in high demand and wanted more then ragular phones.

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Where can you find free download driver software for HTC Desire HD A9191?

Is wifi free to use on vodafone htc desire s?

Using Wi-fi is free, the only charge is the broadband charge of the Pearson who runs the Wi-fi router.

Is the Android 2.2 a free update for HTC Desire?

Yes, although you'll have to wait for your service provider to "customise" the release for your phone.

What is the difference between htc desire and htc desire hd?

the htc desire hd is the upgraded version of the htc desire. i myself have an htc desire hd and it has a humungus screen on it that has amazing picture hence the hd, it has an 8.0 mp camera and is ... Read More »