How do you download Florida condo docs?

Answer By 'condo docs', regardless of the state, you might mean the Florida State Law that governs condominiums, or the governing documents for your community's private democracy (which are tailored to yo... Read More »

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Does the Illinois condominium act supercede an association's own condo docs?

Your question exceeds the level of accuracy that WikiAnswers can provide in this case, because you haven't given us the details. Generally, the state condominium law supersedes a community's gover... Read More »

Can Florida condo association turn off electricity for the lack of payments of condo fees?

Read your governing documents to determine which actions your association can take in order to collect assessments that you owe and do not pay. As well, it's reasonable, for example, that if you d... Read More »

Can Florida law foreclose on condo for non paid condo fees if owner filed chapter 7?

Your governing documents may provide for leverage against both your property title and you personally, for your obligation to pay your assessments. As well, assessments due prior to the date of fil... Read More »

Have Florida legislators passed a law to force condo owners to pay their condo fees?

no but trying to If a condo owner falls more than 90 days in arrears of association, the right to use common areas can be suspended by the association until such dues are paid.