How do you do word count on TextEdit on a mac?

Answer Try NanoCount....…

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What does the Word Count tool do in Word 2007?

The Word Count tool keeps track of the number of pages, words, characters with and without spaces, paragraphs and lines in a document or selected areas of a document. A running total of the pages a... Read More »

How to Insert the Word Count in a Header for Word 2007?

In Microsoft Word 2007, you can add a header to your document. The header is placed at the top of the page and may contain a page number or the title of the document. You can add fields to the head... Read More »

How to Find Word Count on Microsoft Word 2007?

Microsoft Word 2007 contains an array of informational tools that provide statistics about any document you are working on, including the creation date and any changes made within the document. The... Read More »

Where is word count in Word 2007?

The word count in Microsoft Word 2007 is located under the "Review" tab in the top tool bar. Click on "Review" and you will see the "Word Count" tab at the top left of the page.References:Microsoft... Read More »