How do you do this picture edit?

Answer One word:Photoshop.A few more words:It's expensive but i'm pretty sure 80% of people who have it got it illegally :P

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How can i edit my picture?

Use Microsoft office Picture Manager and crop it or use photoshop...

How do you scan a picture and edit it?

I don't know much about creating anime, but after scanning a picture you can edit your picture using picture editor like adobe Photoshop and similar software

How to Edit a Picture in PhotoFiltre?

PhotoFiltre is a photo editing and retouching program developed and marketed mainly in France. Depending on your needs, PhotoFiltre lets you perform simple or advanced editing on an image. You may ... Read More »

How to Edit a Picture in Flash?

Adobe Flash is a multimedia application you can use to add videos, animations and interactive elements to web pages. Content created by Adobe Flash can be viewed by devices with the Adobe Flash pla... Read More »