How do you do this GIRLS PLEASE!!?

Answer Your breast will grow but if you have some already and are really desperate you can try using a push up bra?

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GIRLS: I need you help on this please?

okay she seems like a *****.. i advice you to move on you deserve better

GIRLS answer this only PLEASE!! no boys!?

I really think that you should just forget about him. If, he really wanted to get with you. Then, he would of found somebody that's knows you so y'all could hook up. He did not. He hooked back ... Read More »

Girly Girls.... Please Help me! This is very serious!!!!?

I think you're right-once you get a job,it will probably help alot because at alot of jobs,they have requirements on how you look.But,taking a little more time on your appearance now may help you g... Read More »

Is this off (Question about bra sizing, so, girls only, please (: )?

Well, you either measured wrong or Target has wrong bra sizes which is probably unlikely! To be sure I would go to Victorias Secret and get a professional fitting to get the right fitting. Theres n... Read More »