How do you do the second level of one shot one kill?

Answer Shoot the water right under the boat.

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How do you beat one shot one kill level 5?

Shoot the guy coming out of the left side of the screen

Does Hot Shot Kill Bedbugs?

Hot Shot is a brand of products that quickly kills household pests, including bedbugs. The Hot Shot bedbug products are available as either an aerosol spray, fogger or ready-to-use sprayer. In ridd... Read More »

What is one shot one kill in Roman?

Oneicus Shoticus Oneicus Killicus!Fromicus Spartacus!

Will it hurt or kill the baby if you take the shot while pregnant?

AnswerI have a friend that just gave birth a couple of months ago that was taking the shot until she was 6 months pregnant. She did not know that she was pregnant and kept on getting the depo shot... Read More »