How do you do that little upside down "v" ?

Answer Hold down the shift key and then the number 6. ^

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Flowers That Hang Upside-Down?

Flowers bloom in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some flowers even appear upside-down as they hang from the stem, facing the ground. These flowers are called pendant flowers and, even among the diver... Read More »

I'm scared of rides that go upside down!?

Nope, not scary at all all you have to do is build up the courage to get on the ride

Why would your computer have a function that turns everything upside down..?

If you are viewing something that you want to see upside down, and for graphic designers. Would you rather push a button of flip our screen upside down?

What are the effects of growing an extra front tooth that is coming in upside down?

Answer you're going to need to get that pulled because it's going to start to become irritated and it shouldn't be growing upside down. Answer You should see a dentist right away because that tooth... Read More »