How do you do that little upside down "v" ?

Answer Hold down the shift key and then the number 6. ^

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If you turn a TV upside down, will the picture turn upside down too?

yes.everything on and within the tv will then be upside down.

Can you die if your car goes upside down?

Both Yes and No because it would depend on the situation.

How do planes fly upside down?

To aerobatic pilots, going upside down is only the beginning. Directing the lift vector of his aircraft allows a pilot to push and pull it through all types of maneuvers, including those where the ... Read More »

Why is everything on my screen upside down?

As had been suggested, alt+ctrl+up arrow.OR open control panel, open the Intel GMA/Extreme software click display settings and on the right (left for you?) where it says enable rotation, put the do... Read More »