How do you do respect with your parent?

Answer talk to them about school/work/friends/etccompliment your mom's delicious food, clothings, gardening, or anything she is good at.praise your dad and encourage him from his workplace

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How can they respect your parent?

in parenting and children, babies the best way to make your children respect you is discipline . I dont mean harsh but in a way they will understand . Try and react what will happen if they were a ... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parent You Want to Live With Your Other Parent?

If you are tired of one parent's actions, and way of living. Say, they are being a bit abusive with their "right" to order you around then there are ways to go about telling your parent you just do... Read More »

How to Show Thoughtfulness and Respect for a Parent?

Your parents are the ones who brought you into this world. They fed you, changed your diaper and bathed you. They are also the ones who taught you to walk, to ride a bicycle and most likely how to ... Read More »

How to Get Your Parents or Carer to Treat You With Respect?

Being a young adult or teenager or child however you think of yourself can be hard stressful and emtional. It can be worse if you feel your parents do not understand you or feel they do repect you... Read More »