How do you do an abortion after 1month of pregnancy?

Answer At this stage, abortion pills would probably be used. They basically make you have a period. They cause the lining of the uterus to break down, and the lining has the fertilised egg attached to it,... Read More »

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Can i still have an abortion after entering almost 4 mths of pregnancy?

Yes, you can still have an abortion at 4 months (16 weeks). There are many different procedures of abortion and the procedure that a woman has depends on how far she is into pregnancy.Medical abort... Read More »

Is abortion in the 5Th week of pregnancy safe?

Abortion in the 5th week of pregnancy is generally safe. At this point you can still have a "medical" abortion. This is where you are given a drug (RU486) that stops your body from making the hormo... Read More »

You have pregnancy symptoms and you just had an abortion ten days ago?

Answer Call the nurse at the clinic/Dr ofc where you had the abortion. Leave message as to the nature of your symptoms. Don't put it off. The clinic may want you to come back for another procedure... Read More »

Are women in their mid to late 30s still at risk of pregnancy complications or abnormalities if they technically were pregnant but had an abortion in their 20s?

Answer Do not. I really mean it do not abort your baby. It is just killing another life. Its a piece of you. If its your first baby and you're going to abort it chances are you might not be able to... Read More »