How do you do a venous draw on a newborn?

Answer this could be a birth defect or a childhood disease called "rickets" which is normally caused by poor nutrition.Sometimes it can be caused by lack of Vitamin D

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The skeletal pump is 1 way of helping to venous return. Describe 3 other mechanisms involved in venous return.?

A number of factors like blood volume smooth muscles of blood vessels autonomic impulses catecholamines angiotensin 2 gravity etc affect venous return.

How do i heal a venous ulcer?

You likely haven't seen the right doctors. You need a phlebologist, vascular surgeon, or a vascular internist.The first step is compression. Serious compression. As in 20-30 mmHg pressure, brands l... Read More »

What are venous leg ulcers?

Venous leg ulcers are painful skin lesions that usually form on the lower leg and are caused by a malfunctioning of the veins.Venous InsufficiencyVenous leg ulcers are caused by venous insufficienc... Read More »

What is a venous malformation?

Only two states have legislated a specific age to leave a child home alone, Illinois and Maryland.Generally speaking, the child must be safe, must feel safe, and know how to take care of themselves... Read More »