How to Pop Shove It?

Answer The pop shuvit is just a shuvit combined with an ollie, so the board spins 180 in the air. You don't spin with the board, but watch it.

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How to Do a Pop Shove It on a Fingerboard?

This article will help you do a pop shove it on a finger board. This is a relatively easy trick to complete.

Can I shove 10 cookies into the VCR?

good question. It depends on the type and size of the cookie. If its a hard cookie, its more likely to crumble when additional cookies are shoved in, however if they are soft, they'll become more ... Read More »

How to Do a Shove it on a Skateboard?

Here's how to to do a shove-it on your skateboard without the 'pop'. It is an old school/freestyle trick that is sure to impress. And it is also very fun and simple because you do not need to know ... Read More »

How to Switch Frontside Shove It?

Switch Frontside Shoves are an easy trick once learned. They give you a good edge in games of s.k.a.t.e. as most people don't care to learn them.