How do you do a heart while typing. i see a lot of ppl do it. i ask. how?

Answer If you go on to character map, there's a tiny little black heart. You copy n paste it into whatever you're typing, that's how people do it. :)

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How do you skip a line while typing on the computer?

press enter. or put the settings to " Double Space " and it does it itself . .

How do I underline the words "while" I'm typing on a PC keyboard?

right before you type the word, hit control+u. right after the word, even before you hit the space bar, hit control+u again.same applies for bold: control+band italic: control+i

How do you make the degrees symbol while typing?

° Hold down the ALT key and press 0176 on the numpad °78°

How can you stop word suggestion in iphone4 while typing sms?