How to Do a Cartwheel?

Answer The cartwheel is a basic and common gymnastics move that will strengthen your upper body and help you work up to more advanced moves. There are two basic types: side-to-side and front-to-back. In a... Read More »

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How to Do a Handstand Cartwheel?

A handstand cartwheel is very much like doing a cartwheel except that you purposefully maintain the handstand position at the start. You can really surprise your friends with this move, making them... Read More »

How to Get over Your Fear of Doing a Cartwheel?

Do you want to do a cartwheel but when it comes to it - Are you just too scared of launching yourself into some sort of weird somersault? This is for a side cartwheel which are less likely to frigh... Read More »

How to Do a One Hand Cartwheel?

How to do a one handed cartwheel

How to Do a Cartwheel Into a Split?

This is an easier move in gymnastics and the only 2 skills you already need two know are the cartwheel and the splits! Read this guide to find out how to combine them.