What can i do for pain in my back & going down my leg i can hardly walk?

Answer I've had similar pain in my lower back, radiating down to my legs. I made an appointment with my chiropractor, but in the meantime it did help to soak in a very hot tub to relax my muscles and to ... Read More »

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The back of my feet hurts when i walk?

hmmm... i think it is because your feet are just used to walking running or you standing on them so when u dont its like them relaxing or something lol understand where im coming from? trust me thi... Read More »

How to Teach Your Pet Monkey to Walk on Its Back Legs?

Sick of your monkey walking on all fours? Have you always wanted a little monkey running around,just like you do? This article will help you on that :)

When in a store people walk on my back heal?

accuse them of racial profiling, or something like that(:

The back of my head hurts feels heavy when I walk I feel dizZy and nauseas?

Sounds like major stress to me.Asprin, tylenol, will help.