How do you do CPR if someone won't stop bleeding?

Answer It isn't 'stop ANY bleeding', it is 'check for other life-threatening conditions, such as severe bleeding', and then use your judgment on what to treat first- with the CPR being a very, very high p... Read More »

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My arm wont stop bleeding!?

take a warm cloth and put it on your wound and apply preassure. try that for 5-10 min but uhh you may want to do that while your waiting in the ER. call the doctor asap

Cut on finger. wont stop bleeding?

lift your finger higher than your head for 1 hour.

Help friend wont stop bleeding?

He is probably deficient in vitamin K. There is plenty of vitamin K in broccoli and spinach.

Ok so i cut myself shaving my legs and it wont stop bleeding! What do i do?

Apply some sort of CLEAN bandage big enough to easily cover it all & absorb the blood & apply firm pressure until it stops bleeding. No large bandages? A kotex or 2 should work...or even a c... Read More »