How do you dispose of printer/ photocopier ink cartriges after they finish?

Answer You can recycle them by sending them to certain charities who 'sell' them back to the companies who made them to be refilled. below is an example of one charity but there are many.http://www.worldl... Read More »

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What is the best computer printer to buy to refill cartriges?

I have purchased Epson printer few months ago from and I found it the best one for me to refill the cartriges and hence you can too check it.

Rather then buy new ink cartriges for your printer it a good idea to just get them refilled instead?

Yes If you know how to do it properly It Can Save you big Bucks $$ But I would recommend getting a laserjet printer if you have the money because it is only about $0.03 for a laser printed page ver... Read More »

Can canon iR 2016J Photocopier also be used as a printer?

by default it is only a copier.fax but it can be modified as a printer as it has a NIC and a usb connection

How to Finish Downloading Printer Software?

No matter what type of printer you own or which operating system you use, it is essential to use the proper software. Selecting the wrong driver can render your printer unusable, so it is important... Read More »