How do you display a digital image captured with a cannon camera on a nikon camera screen?

Answer For the Nikon DX Nikkor 18-55 mm (the one that comes with the D3100) the UV filter is installed immediately after installing the lens itself. Being outside the lens, it will protect the lens as wel... Read More »

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Why is my Nikon D Forty digital camera display screen flashing on certain spots?

Nothing to worry at all.The areas which are flashing is Nkon's way of telling you that the bright or highlights (flashing areas) are over exposed.When that happens, you just need to hold down the E... Read More »

Where is the image captured on a digital camera?

Why is the lcd screen on your digital camera completely black.never like this before The camera works but can't produce an image on screen?

Answer From what I can understand, if the camera is sill able take pictures but is not displaying any thing on the LCD, then it is a problem with the LCD or LCD cable connecting to rest of the came... Read More »

When the Nikon digital camera says file contains no image data do I need a new memory card or is it the camera?

Try re-formatting the card in the camera. Consult your manual. Note: this will erase any images on the card.