How do you discipline a sensitive child?

Answer I think once I finished crying or feeling bad for myself I would pick myself up by reflecting on the situation. That's a real tough question. I think my mother in law would have some great advice f... Read More »

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Is spanking your child considered discipline or child abuse?

it depends half the time it is discipline but the other half is abuse. if it has a reason its discipline but if whoever is doing it without reason its usually abuse Only suitable for minors?: Peo... Read More »

How to Discipline a Child?

No matter where a child misbehaves, it is acceptable to talk to them, and ask them to behave. At times, the problem might only be one where a child wants to get something, that you do not want them... Read More »

Child Discipline Laws?

Controversy surrounds child discipline laws in the United States. States interpret the laws in different ways and these laws and administrative regulations vary as to the appropriate forms of disci... Read More »

How to Discipline an Older Child?

Older Child In SchoolDisciplining methods for older children are quite different. You can't spank older children like you can to toddlers, or make them sit in a time-out chair. However, that doesn'... Read More »