How do you disable headphone audio resistor?

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Why won't my Audio-Technica headphones work when connected to headphone jack on my Dell laptop or from the docking station headphone jack?

The headphones play a metronome tone which helps the drummer keep in rhythm. Also, to keep the band on beat, the drummer has the headphones to hear his band playing to stay in beat. It is the drumm... Read More »

How does one add a headphone analog audio out jack to a stereo TV which has only 2 tiny weak speakers and only a coaxial digital audio out orange RCA type jack?

You would have to purchase a Digital to Analog converter and connect the SPDIF (orange RCA connector) to the D/A converter's digital input via a RCA/SPDIF cable. Then you would have to connect some... Read More »

Can a resistor be used as a dummy load on solid-state audio amplifiers?

Yes, a resistor can be used as a dummy load on solid-state audio amplifiers, but only for a very short time. When it is used, it should be connected to a heat sink and limited only to a certain cur... Read More »

How to fix the audio coming through my laptop's headphone jack?

Hi, If it fell down then maybe the solder on the pins of the audio jack cracked and maybe resoldering them would help. Maybe the the audio jack itself is defective and you would need to find a r... Read More »