How do you die from an abortion?

Answer Today that would be very rare, but sometimes they lead to a bleeding in the uterus, which can be bad.

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Hi you had an abortion on 20 November 2007 and now again you are pregnant Do you think it is going to be safe to have an abortion you are a healthy lady?

Yes. In fact, your pregnancy is so recent you probably will be able to have medicine-based abortion. If you are sexually active, it's healthier to use contraception, such as condoms or birth contro... Read More »

How do you die from abortion?

If you have previous complications and do it for health reasons, like a weak heart etc, the sedation can be dangerous. Also go untreated with a infection can kill you so it's important to see the d... Read More »

How to Recover from an Abortion?

Though it can never be an easy or joyful thing, abortion is an exceedingly common procedure that many women feel the need to undergo at some point in their lives. Yet the subject is extremely taboo... Read More »

How can one heal from the pain of Abortion?

Those who have a heart never heal. Set aside what God's Word says about the value of life and consider only that abortion is the most selfish act a human can commit because you are depriving anoth... Read More »