How do you detach two photos kept adjacent to each other and scanned?

Answer Use the crop function in MSPaint or Paint.NET (, and save the two images separately.

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Where can I have my photos scanned for me? I used the 300 photo package. They sent me a box to pack my photos and was a lot cheaper than what jessops charge. Was around £30 for 300 photos. Would also recommend ... Read More »

How do i resize photos I have scanned onto my pc?

you need to how to setup your scanning resolution, i suggest you to check your manualit's basically DPI and resutlion size. its means that for ever Dot per Inch that how much color there shoudl be.... Read More »

How to Restore Scanned Photos?

One of the nicest things about photography going digital is that you can take old photographs and scan them into your computer and restore them to look almost like new. It doesn't matter if they we... Read More »

How come my scanned photos look really bad on my computer?

go to options int he scanner program and increase the quaility of the scan.