How do you delete your search history in Puffin browser for the ipod touch?

Answer Hey!You can't. They don't allow you to delete your search history. If you still want to however, you can try getting more help from their support team at: puffinbrowser@cloudmosa.comFor more help a... Read More »

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How to Delete the Search History on an iPod Touch?

Oh, no! You've searched some odd things on your iPod Touch and you don't want people to see them. What shall you do? Maybe you should do this...

How to delete google search history on ipod touch?

Follow these stpes: 1. Go to Settings/Safari 2. Change your search engine (switch from Google to Yahoo! or vise versa) 3. Launch Safari 4. Go to Settings/Safari 5. Clear History, Cookies, and Cache... Read More »

How to Delete Internet, Web and Search Browser History?

In today’s modern society, the computer and the internet is considered as one of the most important tools in people’s everyday lives. Millions of people use it everyday to make their everyday l... Read More »

How do you permanently delete browsing history on ipod touch?

All you have to do is click the button on your safari screen on the bottom left that looks like a book.Then click history, and click clear.