How do you delete unwanted photos on facebook?

Answer The answer is rather logical.If you put them on you can delete them by pressing the delete button.if someone else tagged you you can only untag yourself by looking under the picture it will say you... Read More »

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How do I remove unwanted photos tagged to my Facebook page ?

Go to privacy settings >> Timeline & Tagging>> edit settings>> turn on the fourth option.

How to Delete Photos from Facebook?

Many people new to Facebook may be confused on how everything works. One thing all 'Facebookers' do is upload photos. Without them, your profile seems empty. After you upload a photo, you may be se... Read More »

How do I delete photos from the new updated Facebook for IPhone?

It doesn't matter if you uploaded two of the same photo. But you might as well do it on a computer.

If you delete a friend from facebook...will they still be tagged in your photos?