How do you delete the WI-FI and internet on your Ipod touch?

Answer You cannot 'delete' Wi-Fi or the internet. They are features that must remain on your iPod Touch.

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Is there a way to connect my Ipod touch to my dads iPhone 3g so i can get the internet on the ipod touch?

No there is not, iPod touches can not use 3G. Only wifi. Also you cant get a cable to connect them anyway.

How do I delete songs from the iPod Touch?

Normally you could not delete songs directly on you Ipod touch, you should erase it from you Itunes library then sync with the Ipod touch, it should be deleted when the sync is finished.If you go t... Read More »

Can you delete the photo app on ipod touch?

you cant delete any of the factory installed apps

How to Delete a Terminal App on an iPod Touch?

Apple's iPod touch, a portable multimedia player with a touch-sensitive display, connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which you might want to access using Telnet or SSH with a terminal emulator app.... Read More »