How do you delete the WI-FI and internet on your Ipod touch?

Answer You cannot 'delete' Wi-Fi or the internet. They are features that must remain on your iPod Touch.

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How do you delete pictures from your iPod touch?

In iTunes, click on the iPod in the sidebar, goto pictures, see what settings you have. You might need to edit a certain folder on your compter, then sync, and it should work.

How do you delete a game you downloaded on your ipod touch?

If you hold down 1 of the apps, they become wobbly & they have Xs on them, click the X to delete the app no longer wanted!

Why won't iPod touch let you delete your own Facebook posts?

You have to put your finger over the post which you would like to be deleted and slide it to the right. A "DELETE" button will then appear, so you can remove your post.Hope this helps. :)

How do you delete tagged Photos on Facebook on your iPod touch?