How do you delete tagged Photos on Facebook on your iPod touch?

Answer You can't

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If you delete a friend from facebook...will they still be tagged in your photos?

How to upload photos to facebook using an iPod touch?

You go on the site, go to your photo album, and press the little camera, which means "upload photos". But, your pics must be uploaded from your computer into your iPod, meaning you can't use any "s... Read More »

How do you save photos from facebook onto your ipod touch photo album?

Get the picture on fullscreen and perform a screenshot by pressing the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously (at the same time.) You should see a white flash on the screen to tell yo... Read More »

Why won't iPod touch let you delete your own Facebook posts?

You have to put your finger over the post which you would like to be deleted and slide it to the right. A "DELETE" button will then appear, so you can remove your post.Hope this helps. :)