How do you delete songs on the iPad?

Answer You edit your music then slide the song you don't want and it will say delete

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If all your songs got deleted off your computer,when you plug in you ipod, will it delete the songs on it too?

Actually it depends on your itunes settings. If you have set the option to automatically sync your ipod with your library, then yes, it would delete everything upon sync.However if you have it set ... Read More »

Can you delete songs from iTunes Library without it removing the songs from the iPod?

You canThis is something apple doesnt stress enough and I dont understand why not since more people would rather use the manual mode than the sync.When your ipod is connected to itunes in that main... Read More »

If I delete my email on my iPad will it delete on my desktop?

The answer isn't based on if you have a Mac or PC, rather, how you access your email. If your email uses IMAP to access it from an account like Gmail, then deleting a message on the iPad would dele... Read More »

How do you delete an app from your iPad 2?

Adieu to the AppHold you finger on the pertinent app until all of the apps start jiggling, and an "X" within a circle appears on the top left corner of each app.Press on the "X" of the app you wish... Read More »