How do you delete single call from iphone4?

Answer Slide your finger across the call you wish to delete from your log. (slide like you are unlocking your phone but in the opposite direction). I found this out by accident after wondering the same th... Read More »

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How do you delete a phone call from IPhone4?

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How do you delete a single call on iPhone 3G's?

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How do you delete a single call on the iPhone?

Yes, you can. If your iPhone is jailbraked, you can install iLog via installer. It helps you manage your calls/call duration/sms. you can get it here: If your iPhone is not jail... Read More »

How do you delete a single call on comet phone?

go to phone call log, when number pulls up, press & hold your finger on it until screen pops up showing what actions you want to do with call, scroll down to delete until delete button shows up, pr... Read More »