How do you delete pictures off sd memory card whe it says write protected?

Answer well if the camera lens is not droped and kept in good condition 25-35 years

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How Do I Save Pictures if the Camera Says Format Memory Card?

Most digital cameras save pictures on an internal memory card. This card is easy to remove from the camera and place into another device or a computer. This makes it easy to move your pictures from... Read More »

How do you delete pictures from sanDisk 2gb memory card?

The five cameras that I have had that used SD cards didnot need a formatting of the card before using it in the cameras.One of these cars will not be recognized in a couple of USB card holders that... Read More »

My camera says that the card is full but there is no pictures when i go to delete them what do i do HELP PLZ ?

Try putting the card in your computer and checking for anything on it at all. Those cards also hold any kind of files like word documents, excel spreadsheets etc. So put it in your computer and m... Read More »

I tried to download pictures and videos from memory card, but it says I need to have Windows Live Essentials?

No dont do it,,just go to my computer and click on your memory card and just copy paste the files :)Just make sure that when you plugged your memory card in and it prompt to do something just click... Read More »