How do you delete photos on the Wii photo channel?

Answer The Wii Photo Channel does not directly interact with the SD card - so you cannot delete the photographs on the card. To remove the photographs from the Channel - simply remove the SD card they are... Read More »

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How do I delete photos off of my Digital Photo Frame?

Plug it in to a pc , look for the drive F ,G , H or whate ever the photo frame is called and manage / deleate the relevent photos.

I have transferred most of my photos off of my computer onto CDs. How do I transfer the photos from the CDs onto a digital photo frame?

It will mount fine, and the matrix metering will work. However, you'll only be able to manually focus. The D5000 does not have a focusing motor in the body, and the tokina lens has no internal moto... Read More »

Cheap Photo Printing 1,500 Photos!!!?

snap fish is like $.06 cents a pic! i love them~!and when you initially sign up you get a free package (like 25 free pics)and do a search on the web for online codes to use. you can get free shippi... Read More »

How to Add Photos to Facebook Photo Album?

This article is about adding photos to an already made photo album.