How do you delete photos on the Wii photo channel?

Answer The Wii Photo Channel does not directly interact with the SD card - so you cannot delete the photographs on the card. To remove the photographs from the Channel - simply remove the SD card they are... Read More »

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How do I delete photos off of my Digital Photo Frame?

Plug it in to a pc , look for the drive F ,G , H or whate ever the photo frame is called and manage / deleate the relevent photos.

I have transferred most of my photos off of my computer onto CDs. How do I transfer the photos from the CDs onto a digital photo frame?

It will mount fine, and the matrix metering will work. However, you'll only be able to manually focus. The D5000 does not have a focusing motor in the body, and the tokina lens has no internal moto... Read More »

What should you do if you were going through old photos and you found a photo of your mom naked?

Put it back where you found it and forget you ever saw it.

How do you take photos from your photo booth and put them on your iphone?

The Photo Booth application stores your photos and movies in a folder called Photo Booth within the Pictures folder. Selecting a thumbnail image at the bottom of the PhotoBooth window and pressing ... Read More »