How do you delete messages from Tracfone Motorola W376g?

Answer Go to the message, click the circle-button, and press Delete.

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How to Delete Text Messages on a Motorola TracFone?

One of several features on your Motorola TracFone is the inclusion of SMS text messaging. If you have received or sent an text messages that you no longer want, you can delete them. Although the ex... Read More »

How to Receive Sound Texts With the Motorola TracFone W376g?

Your Motorola TracFone allows you to send and receive text messages, which is quicker and easier than making phone calls. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep track of incoming text messages, espe... Read More »

How to Load Ringtones From a PC to Your Motorola Camera Tracfone W376G?

You can load ringtones saved on your PC to your Motorola Camera Tracfone W376G with the use of a USB cable. The "drag and release" method utilizes resources that are preloaded on your PC to transfe... Read More »

Does the TracFone W376g come with minutes?

No, the Motorola W376g TracFone does not come with minutes. The Motorola W376g is a single-rate phone, which means that calls in the U.S. are one unit per minute, but minutes must be purchased for ... Read More »