How do you delete memory on a gamecube memory card?

Answer If you want to delete memory turn on the gamecube with your memory cards in there slots make sure there is no disc in the gamecube if there is hold down the A button to bring up the gamecube menu g... Read More »

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How many blocks of memory are in a memory card for a GameCube?

The Nintendo GameCube has three official memory cards. The sizes are 4 megabits, which has 59 blocks, 16 megabits, which has 251 blocks, and 64 megabits, which has 1,019 blocks of memory. There is ... Read More »

Does the GameCube use a memory card?

A memory card can be used with a Nintendo GameCube, but the system does not require a memory card to function. The memory card is used to save player information, scores and any level progress.Refe... Read More »

How to Use an SD Adapter As a GameCube Memory Card?

The Nintendo GameCube, much like many other sixth-generation home gaming consoles, depends on memory cards in order to store game save data. Usually, a gamer would use a GameCube memory card to sto... Read More »

Does a GameCube memory card work on the Wii console?

A GameCube memory card works with a Wii console. If you are playing a GameCube game on the Wii, you need a GameCube memory card to be able to save the game. The memory card ports are located on the... Read More »