How do you delete everything from a laptop ?

Answer Do exactly what Alan917 suggests, otherwise you will have to either sell the laptop without an operating system, or buy a new system to put on it (unless you have a disk for the one on there in whi... Read More »

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How Do I Delete Everything Off An Acer Laptop?

How do i delete all information on my laptop?

Format the hard drive. In most cases this should be sufficient but if someone really wanted to snoop around your files then formatting is not good enough. I think if you are just selling it then yo... Read More »

How do i delete something thats been downloaded onto my laptop?

Reinstall it then remove it with REVO uninstaller.

How do i delete 21 viruses on my laptop?

First try CCleanerYou`ll also need a registry clean (in CCleaner)Don`t touch 32 or you`ll have to strip out and re-install.******THis is taking too long?*******DO NOT INSTALL THE WINANTIVIRUS 2009.... Read More »