How do you delete apps on iPod touch 4g?

Answer put your finger on the app for about 3 seconds and then it will start to jiggle click the x and then then it will ask you to rate can skip that part

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Can I delete apps on my iPod Touch?

If you sync your iPod touch with a laptop or PC or iTunes, you can always retrieve them later when you need. With iTunes you don't need to save on a particular computer. you can retrieve from anywh... Read More »

How delete apps on ipod touch 2nd gen?

well first hold down the home button for about 5-7 seconds and the icons will shake and got to an app that you want to delete and there will be and cross button click on the cross and an message wi... Read More »

How to Delete Apps & Songs Off an iPod Touch?

If you're running out of space on your device, delete apps and songs off an iPod touch you no longer use. Over time your iPod touch can become loaded with apps you tried but didn't like, or that yo... Read More »

How do you delete apps from iPod touch if the x wont appear?

You can't, because they are pre-installed system apps.