How do you delete an application from an iPhone 4?

Answer Hold your finger on the icon of the application you want to delete for a few seconds. All the icons will start to wiggle and you will see a small 'X' over the icon. Touch the 'X' of the application... Read More »

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How can I delete map application on iPhone?

if is the one that came with the iphone you cant... sadly you can't because the apple designers made it impossible to delete

How can i delete you-tube application on iPhone?

You can't delete it per se but you can disable and hide it. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions Tap Enable Restrictions Enter a passcode twice Disable any of the listed apps or content.

If I delete vampire live from my iphone then I will also delete my character?

You should be able to create an S8 user id and password in the settings button (little gear wheel looking thing) on home screen. Once you do this, you can delete and reinstall, go back to settings ... Read More »

How do I arrange iphone springboard from the pc via an application?

look online to see some interesting ideas :)