How do you delete all internet history on Google Chrome easy 10pts?

Answer okay the little settings thing i dont know what it is on the top right hand corner, click that. go to options then across to under the hood and under privacy is clear browzing data. where it says... Read More »

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How do you delete Google Chrome History?

Press Ctrl + H, then click "Clear all browsing data...". Then you can choose to delete your history "From the beginning of time" or from a certain period :)

How Do I Delete All My Web History on Google Chrome?

1. Click the tool bar on the right side of your screen.2. Click "History"3. Click "Clear all browsing data"4. Click "clear browsing data":) Hope this helps!

How to Delete Your Browsing History in Google Chrome?

If you do not want someone to know what you have been up to, then deleting your browser history is a must. These steps will help you do it in Google Chrome.

How to delete Google Search History In Internet Explorer?

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