How do you delete a song off of your iPod?

Answer In iTunes, either delete the original copy of the song or uncheck the box next to the song. Then synch your iPod with iTunes; the song will no longer be on your iPod.

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How do i delete a song from my ipod?

right click song on itunes and go to delete in the little box thing and it should delete

How to Delete a Song From an iPod But Not a Computer?

If you have an iPod with a small capacity (like a Nano or shuffle model), it is very possible to fill up your iPod with content before your computer. In situations like this, you may want to delete... Read More »

How do you delete a single song from the IPod Nano second generation?

Answer You must connect your iPod and open up iTunes, and delete the song from there, then sync the iPod.

How to make instrumental song from normal song or delete vocals from song?

I would try Protools, or perhaps Vegas has something that would remove vocals.