How do you delete a game you downloaded on your ipod touch?

Answer If you hold down 1 of the apps, they become wobbly & they have Xs on them, click the X to delete the app no longer wanted!

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How do you get your game back if you delete it on your ipod touch?

You hook your Ipod touch back into your computer. Get it to sync all of your apps back on. This may take a while

How can i delete un wanted songs from my ipod nano after i downloaded them?

Answer well i guess your expecting me to answer your question...i agree with the dude above!! or offense!! : ) you need to go to your itunes and check the ones that you want to delete! go... Read More »

How can you delete unwanted songs from your iPod nano after you downloaded them?

delete them from your itunes libaray then update your ipod.

Installer won't work since I downloaded +130 sources on iPod touch?

well your gonna have to restore your ipod just connect it to your computer go on itunes and click restore on your ipods tab the i suggest using ziphone to jailbreak it its and also i th... Read More »