How do you delete a comment on Facebook from iPod?

Answer You touch and hold down the left side of your comment and swipe across it, a remove button should pop up on the right side if you did it correctly. Just click remove. (:

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How to Delete a Facebook Comment?

Facebook comments are meant to enhance your Facebook experience. The comment feature allows your Facebook friends the opportunity to expand on your status updates. This can lead to some funny conve... Read More »

How can i delete my comment on facebook version 5.6 via iphone?

You slide your finger across the post and a red "delete" button should appear. Press that and it should be gone.

Will my friend get notified on Facebook if I delete an old comment I posted for her?

actually yeah she will get notified.Not by Facebook, but via her E-MAIL !!!!!!!did u forget that ?For example , if you sent me a friend request ...and then you canceled it.i will get notified ! not... Read More »

Can you make a facebook comment visible only to the person tagged in the comment?