How do you delete Skype contact on the iPad 2?

Answer Go to settings => general (already selected) => bluetooth => on/off

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How do you delete a contact on skype on the iPod touch?

Open Skype, go to all contacts, open the contact you wanna delete, then press the blue button on the upper right corner, and click remove from contacts which is above block

How do you delete an iPad contact?

Go to the contact then press edit then scroll down until it says delete contact

If I delete a contact from whatsapp (by deleting their contact number) will they know?

no, because they'll still have your number unless you block them and delete them, then they'll be able to tell next time they go to talk to you.

How do you delete a contact from contact list?

you go options and scroll down untill you find the ord delete and press the middle button of your phone but you have to be on contacts and make sure youre on the name you want to delete