How do you delet Skype messingers from my I pad 2?

Answer This question can't be answered just by giving a number... (Apps have not one file size, it can vary from 1mb to hundreds of megabytes... )An iPad with 16gb can carry a lot of stuff... It will take... Read More »

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How to delet search history?

**Removal of items on your search bar** On the right side of the bar before you get to the web search button click on the bar (you may have to click it a few times) will open a drop down box that w... Read More »

How do you delet apps from your IPad 2?

You should get a laptop if you are a gamer. If you play for Instance if you play Wizard 101 then you re able to download it on your computer. If you like apps and music the Ipad is definetly for yo... Read More »

How can i delet the sites i have searched in google?

Click on the Tools tab.Click on 'Internet Options'.Click the button that says 'Delete Browsing History'.And then choose 'Delete' with Form Data.

How to delet google search history?

go to tools, internet options. Then click on the Content tab. then clcik on autocomplete. then click on clear forms. that will do it.